New York based Blue Duck has been a leading manufacturer of fine luxury outerwear for more than 19 years. They have specialized in fine Spanish Merino Shearlings and fur lined and fur trimmed garments for sport and fashion for women and men. Blue Duck’s products have been available in quality department and specialty stores through out the United States and Canada under the” Blue Duck” “DuckSport” and “JessicaWilde” labels.

Barry Novick, the founder and CEO has spent his entire career (more than 40 years) creating and manufacturing luxury furs and outerwear. Barry grew up in the freezing city of Chicago, so he knows what winter is all about. That is why when we say warm, we mean it…..and every coat and jacket we make buttons right up to the neck or higher. We promise to keep you warm, even on the coldest days and frigid nights.

Blue Duck has become one of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers by producing and selling garments that look and fit great, at sensible prices. A majority of Blue Duck's coats and jackets are produced in their own New York workrooms, allowing them to pay close attention to every step of the manufacturing process. The same careful attention goes into every single garment they sell, even imported items.

Barry travels the world to bring the best fashion, quality, and value directly to your computer screen and ultimately to your door.

“We do well by making customers happy”

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1989 1992 1996  2003

Blue Duck Shearling was founded in the heart of the Garment District. Our first collection was Americana-inspired women’s outerwear - leather and wool American Indian blanket jackets.

Blue Duck starts producing their signature shearling coats and introduces their men’s collection.
Blue Duck realizes Spanish Merino Skins are of far superior quality and begins using them exclusively for shearling production. Blue Duck trademarks “Micro-Shear Shearling Warmth without the Weight.”
Blue Duck adds two additional manufacturing facilities in New York City to supplement production from their main manufacturing center in Brooklyn. Blue Duck becomes the largest producer and wholesaler  of fine shearlings in the USA.
Blue Duck adds novelty furs and fur-lined storm coats to its collection. With an expanded product line, Blue Duck quickly becomes a major brand name in fine retailers across America and Canada.



Big collars & turn backcuffs

Big collars and turn back cuffs give coats are the favorites and classic shearling looks.


A great shearling feature is color. Garments are now produced in a wide array of the most fashionable and popular colors. The pallet is ever changing to meet the taste of the times always in style.

Some faux

There are some nice faux shearlings. Surprised? Well after all, imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Not a trend

Shearling is not a trend. The comfort, warmth and style of this garment, guarantee that Shearlings are going to be around for a good long while.


Shearlings are a very good value based on their practicality and longevity.

Light & Slim

Shearlings have really slimmed down. Today’s coats are soft and sleek. No one wants to bear a burden, so these coats are ultra-light as well.

Different types of Shearling

Sheepskin is the hide of a sheep or lamb. One side is the hide, the other is the fur or the wool as it is called in the industry. Basically, you are wearing the hide of a sheep inside out. It is this combination of hide and the soft wool against your body that provides the amazing warmth. Shearlings come in an incredible variety of texture, thickness and quality. Shearling can be soft or course, have long hair or short, can be light and airy or thick and dense. But the absolute best shearlings originate in Spain and Italy, from the Merino and Toscana sheep. A new line of Micro-Shear Shearling™, introduced by Blue Duck, is among the lightest and warmest variety available in the industry. These textures lend themselves to a variety of styles, from week-end casual to city chic.

The art of shopping

Even a novice can easily recognize a fine quality garment with a few easy tips. It is important to look for uniformity of color and texture. A single shearling coat is made from between 7 and 18 individual skins. Always look for evenly matched quality throughout the garment. The outside should be smooth and uniform and the wool or fur on the inside should be dense, silky and smooth. As with any garment, you should make sure that the shearling fits well and that the material does not sag or droop. Above all, use your judgment and good taste: if it looks good, it probably is.

How to care

When not worn, shearling garments should be stored in a cool dry place. Hang on a wide shoulders do not stretch out. Button the garment so that the fit is not distorted during storage. If you feel the need to cover the garment, a cloth bag is preferable. A plastic bag could eventually dry out the garment. Furrier storage is helpful, but not necessary. An occasional brushing with a good suede brush helps keep garments clean and fresh looking.

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