Can I wear Shearling in the rain?

If it is pouring out, you would not choose to wear a shearling coat. But, if you get caught in the rain or show, no harm will come to a good shearling garment. Simply let it dry away from any source of heat. After the garment is dry, brush away any water spots that may appear.


Does Shearling shed?

Good shearlings do not shed. At the same time it is a natural product, so it may be common to see a few hairs or some suede nap when the coats are brand new. After few wearings there is virtually no shedding or pilling.


Can a coat this light be warm?

Shearling coats are one of nature's best insulators. The hide and wool create a natural heat-trap, insulating the wearer from the winter chill. Few garments are as warm.


How often should I clean my coat?

Coats should be cleaned as infrequently as possible. Shearlings are outerwear, so unless you have an accident, you may never have to clean your coat. When it is necessary you should give your coat to a professional fur or leather cleaner. Note: This garment is not machine washable!


Does dying the garment affect the quality of the Shearling?

Dying does not affect the quality of shearling. All shearlings are dyed. The natural color of shearling is not desirable at all. Therefore, dying and other treatments do not effect the garment; they only enhance the natural beauty.


How long will my Shearling coat last?

Caring for Shearling is easy, when not worn, shearling garments should be stored in a cool dry place. Hang on a wide shoulder hanger so that the shoulders do not stretch out. Button the garment so that the fit is not distorted during storage. If you feel the need to cover the garment, a cloth bag is preferable. A plastic bag could eventually dry out the garment. Furrier storage is helpful, but not necessary. An occasional brushing with a good suede brush helps keep garments clean and fresh looking.



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