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New York City- based Blue Duck Shearling has been a leading manufacturer of shearling outerwear for over 25 years. Blue Duck founder Barry Novick has spent his entire career perfecting the art of creating luxury outerwear.

Blue Duck produces our fine shearling garments in our own New York City workroom. Blue Duck has become the largest domestic shearling manufacturer by importing the finest skins from around the world and paying close attention to each and every step of manufacturing process. Products are shipped directly from our workrooms to the finest retailers throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.

As a true leader in shearling outerwear, Blue Duck’s mission is to educate consumers on the merits of this fantastic natural product.


Throughout the world there can be found traces of long-gone ancient civilizations. These early societies, are known to have possessed great stores of knowledge, much of which is now hidden or lost. From herbal healing to fabled flying machines, the ancient world holds many surprises.

Among the secrets hidden in ruins and manuscripts is shearling. Shearling, you ask? Well, yes. Natural sheepskins are among the first garments to shelter man against the elements of the world.

The practicality and comfort of this material is rather impressive. Read on to learn more about the natural benefits of shearling.

What's so great about?


Warmth is the reason people originally adopted shearling as a favorite form of outerwear. Advancements in textiles have not yet been able to surpass a shearling’s natural warmth without weight.


Shearling is an incredibly long-lasting investment. Generally, garments last (not quite, but almost) forever.


The inherent beauty and comfort of shearling fits into any lifestyle -- from workwear to the weekend, from jeans to ball gowns, shearling makes a fashion-forward statement.

Politically correct

In an age of eco-conscious design, consumers are thrilled to buy a luxurious garment that adheres to modern values.


Fine sheepskin provides incredible warmth with very little weight. As a 100% natural product, it’s warmth is still breathable. Even indoors the wearer will not be overheated.


Always beautiful, elegant and modern, shearling is a timeless classic that is always in style. At the same time, shearling lends itself to ever- changing trends, adapting itself to the times. Find Blue Duck’s interpretations of modern trends here

Environmentally sound

Shearling is an natural by-product. In addition, it is a renewable resource that promotes sound agricultural and livestock ecosystems.

Types Of Shearling

So what is shearling?

Well, sheepskin, generally, is the hide of a sheep or lamb. One side is the hide, the other is the fur or the “wool,” as it is called in the industry. Shearling is basically the hide of sheep inside-out. It is this combination of hide and soft wool against your body that provides the amazing warmth in a Blue Duck coat.

Shearlings come in an incredible variety of texture, thickness and quality. Shearlings can be soft or course, have long hair or short, can be light and airy or thick and dense.

We’ve found in our experience that the absolute best shearlings originate in Spain from the Merino sheep. We’ve produced out shearling outerwear exclusively with this type of remarkable material for over 20 years.

How to Care

When not worn, shearling garments should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Hang your coat on a wide-shoulder hanger so the shoulders do not stretch out. Button the garment so that the fit is not distorted during storage.

If you feel the need to cover the garment, a cloth bag is preferable. A plastic bag will eventually dry out the garment.

An occasional brushing with a good suede brush helps keep garments clean and looking like new.

How to Check for Quality

Even a novice can easily recognize a fine, quality garment using a few easy tips.

The outside should be smooth and uniform, and the wool or fur on the inside should be dense, silky, and smooth. As with any garment, you should make sure that the shearling fits well and that the material does not sag or droop. Above all, use your judgement and good taste; if it looks good, it probably is.

FAQs about Shearling


Can I wear shearling in the rain?


If it pouring out, you would not choose to wear a shearling coat. But, if you get caught in the rain or snow, no harm will come to a good shearling garment - simply let it dry away from any source of heat. After the garment is dry, brush away any water spots that may have appeared.


Does shearling shed?


Good shearlings do not shed. At the same time, it is a natural product, so it’s typical to see a few hairs or some suede nap when the coat is brand new. After a few wearings, there is practically no shedding.


Can a coat this light be warm?


Absolutely! Shearling is one of nature’s best insulators. The hide and wool create a natural heat trap, insulating the wearer from the winter chill. Few garments are as warm as a Blue Duck coat.


How often should I clean my coat?


As infrequently as possible. Shearlings are outerwear, so unless you have an accident, you should never have to clean your coat.

When it is necessary, simply give your coat to a professional fur or leather cleaner. Blue Duck is happy to clean your coat for you at our showroom in Midtown Manhattan.


Does dying the garment affect the quality of shearling?


All shearlings are dyed. The natural color of shearling is not desirable at all. Therefore, dyeing and other treatments do not affect the garment, they only enhance the natural beauty.

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