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The Warmest Hooded Styles

The Warmest Hooded Styles

A good winter coat should keep you toasty and dry without making you look like a marshmallow. While there are thousands of winter jackets in stores, you’ve probably learned the hard way that most are not as warm or weatherproof as they claim to be. So instead of wasting time and money on sub-par products, reach for Blue Duck for all your cold-weather needs.

Our Luxe Down jacket feels like a down comforter — warm, cozy, and puffy. It’s perfect for the winter months. Our Mink and Down coat is lightweight, but it’s still warm. It will keep you looking stylish and warm all winter long.

Want a puffer with a hood? The fit is fantastic for a puffy down coat, so you don’t look too bulky. It also has great attention to detail. Our Perfect Parka features a hood generous enough that you can easily wear an infinity scarf and beanie hat underneath, but not so oversized that the hood will constantly fall down in the wind.

If you're looking for extra warmth, pay attention to the design: double-breasted and longer styles that button up all the way to the neck are ideal. A moto jacket is perfect for looking chic and stylish while still beating the cold.

Look for styles that are lightweight, breathable, and not too long if you plan to be moving around a lot, and consider coats that have added insulation if you think you'll need one that's super warm. Want to be more original? Go for a hooded cape; it’s both stylish and whimsical. You are sure to get some second looks with this item.

We will help you pick the perfect winter jacket, with just the right mix of performance, style, and price to meet your needs. Just visit!
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