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  • Fitted Stand Collar Coat #4022 Fitted Stand Collar Coat #4022
  • Napa Finish One Cut Detail #901 Napa Finish One Cut Detail #901
  • Rex Ruffle Trim Coat #6922 Rex Ruffle Trim Coat #6922
  • Rex Trim Hooded  Coat #6923 Rex Trim Hooded  Coat #6923
  • Shearling Fitted Jacket With Toscana Trim #781 Shearling Fitted Jacket With Toscana Trim #781
  • Shearling Ruffle Trim Coat #1282 Shearling Ruffle Trim Coat #1282
  • Shearling Waterfall Toscana Topper #713 Shearling Waterfall Toscana Topper #713
  • Two Cut Classic Coat #609 Two Cut Classic Coat #609
  • Walking Coat With Oversized Collar #4921 Walking Coat With Oversized Collar #4921
  • Waterfall Jacket #173 Waterfall Jacket #173
  • Zip Front Casual Coat #111 Zip Front Casual Coat #111

Shearling coats are perfect for today’s increasingly sporty lifestyle. They look great with denim and other casual apparel while maintaining the allure true luxury winter coats. Blue Duck Shearling coats are made exclusively with Spanish Merino Lamb shearling. The Merino has a very low fat content, making for effortless wear and providing extreme warmth relative to weight.

Blue Duck makes luxurious microshear shearling coats that are fashionable, body conscious and easy fitting for all body types. You’ll find every kind of shearling imaginable at Blue Duck; Suede, Brisa, two tone skins with leather exterior, curly lamb and long hair Toscana styles. Some are trimmed in fur, others have hoods, some are classic, while others are trendy with cutting edge fashion sensibilities. All Blue Duck shearling outerwear is highly durable, easy to care for and will provide many years of highly stylish warmth. From luxurious fur vests to leather jackets, cashmere and alpaca capes, Blue Duck is your number one destination for everything shearling.

With such a large selection long coats, short jackets, capes, and accessories for men and women to choose from, Blue Duck can satisfy your winter needs! Our shearling garments feature leather hide on the outside and wool-trim on the inside. The coats provide the perfect equilibrium between comfort and warmth. While most winter coats are bulky and heavy, our shearling coats are warm without being heavy. Our coats are fitted, slim and sleek while featuring soft textures and lightweight luxury materials. Many of our coats have a beautifully curved shawl collar which converts into a hood. A luxury jacket with a convertible hood looks great all winter long. Many of our most classic shearling coat designs feature turn-back cuffs, toscana collars, and ruffle-trim.

All Blue Duck products are manufactured in our workroom in New York, and are shipped to the finest retailers throughout the USA and Canada.