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Bat wing mink jacket #776

You will be tempted to fly away or at least into the night. Layered mink multi dyed Silver fox collar and cuffs. All eyes will be on you…Can you  handle it? Professional Fur...

Print lining anorak #8827

New look anorak. Classic body but its colorful non shed rabbit lining takes it to another level. Deep purple raccoon on hood and all the fur is removable for extended wear and and easy cleaning....

Multi fur topper #647

Grooved sheared rabbit over matching shearling lamb with dyed Silver fox trimmed hood. Neatly shaped, warm, comfy and durable and so good looking. Multi media fur Cozy fox trimmed hood...

Reversible hooded rex sections jacket #437

Fluffy rex rabbit sections hooded reversible jacket. Slight fitted and comfy to wear. Flattering practical length to wear all winter long. We like winter. Reverses to water resistant Nylon shell...

Reversible rex sections vest #370

Fluffy rex rabbit sections vest reverses to satiny nylon Long enough to cover the essentials. Sleek enough to make you look great. Warm enough to cuddle into. Reverses to water...

Jean jacket #857

Blue is not bad either…Timeless washed denim with removable lamb vest and collar. Vest can be worn seprately.  What is the over and under on cute on this one? Faded...

Black shearling moto jacket #577

Classic moto styling…On trend. You too can be a hipster and a warm one to boot. Offical motor cycle mama jacket. Classic shearling moto Shinny Zippers and accents Deep Pockets...

Black shearling moto vest #67

All the bells and whistles included. You don't need a big hog to be the big dog. You will feel good rockin this one. Authentic styling Bold zip closing and...

Fox sections longer jacket #740

Shades of autumn make this longer length fox jacket the perfect fall  go to. Out on the town or on your country estate, its all good. No country estate? Maybe...

Fox reverses to feather weight down #3527

Two..Two Two coats in one..feather light down coat reverses to an elegant layered fox coat. Best of both worlds Utility by day..glam by night. Make plans now. Down and fox...

Rex and Down Pant Coat #947

One of our best. Feather light...killer rated down meets  sleek rex and topped off with a fox trimmed detachable hood makes this a mega hit for the ages. All...
Fur Trimmed Wrap #787 Fur Trimmed Wrap #787

Fur Trimmed Wrap #787

Wrap yourself up in this soft warm 100% virgin wool shawl. Deepest lavender with matching dyed raccoon collar and accents. Subtle fringing adds the the finishing touch.   Fur trimmed...
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